Join us for Two Days of Agile Insights

Following the success of our 6 previous years, the BCS Agile SG is organising another round of talks and workshops from some of the most respected figures in the Kanban and Agile world. Again, as a 2-day conference.

London Lean Kanban Days is a friendly conference aimed at agile practitioners and enthusiasts. The event will combine traditional speaker-led sessions, experience reports, workshops and opportunities to have informal conversations with leading KCPs and AKTs.

We are absolutely delighted to have some of the more influential leaders in our community joining this year’s conference.

Possibly the best example of “a picture speaks 1000 words” I’ve ever seen! Excellent storytelling keynote from @klausleopold @ #LLKD18
Brilliant and surprisingly simple definition of "done" by @asplake at #LLKD18
Markus Hippeli, Leanovate
Standing room only again for @danvacanti #llkd18 session on forecasting with a shout-out for the Michael Fish hurricane forecast!